About VEYA©

Championing excellence through innovation

Working in the early years sector has never been more challenging. Many of us naively thought that once COVID-19 was ‘under control’ the world would pretty much return to normal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Leaders and managers all over the country are facing new challenges that have continued to build on those that already existed before the pandemic.

Those competing priorities often mean that the development of our people and our settings does not happen at the pace, to the depth or with the consistency that we need. Then add in the prospect of an Ofsted inspection and we’re left wondering if we’re ready or if we’ve missed something crucial that may impact our inspection outcome.

VEYA© has been developed with 3 key aims in mind:

- to support monitoring, self-evaluation and quality improvement activities so that you can swiftly identify and target improvement priorities and inspection vulnerabilities.
- to provide you with resources that will help to make your day job easier.
- to provide you and your teams with affordable and flexible CPD opportunities.

The whole programme is virtual which means that you can access support when you need it the most. It comprises of 3 elements:

- Deep Dives
- Resources
- Training

each of which will continue to grow over the next 2 years. You can find out more below.

Deep Dives

Unparalleled quality improvement support

Deep Dives will quickly help you to assess the effectiveness of practice and provision across a wide range of early years focused areas.

This innovative programme will help you to review what you do in detail without having to spend hours gathering evidence. It works out where your strengths lie and where systems, processes and practice could be developed further with incredible accuracy. Its unique approach means that you can seamlessly bring monitoring, self-evaluation and quality improvement activities together so that you can swiftly identify and target improvement priorities and inspection vulnerabilities.

Each unit results in a detailed report that not only highlights your strengths but also provides an understanding of why areas need to be developed and what you can do to improve systems, processes and practice.


Support for leadership teams

Each term we scrutinise hundreds of Ofsted inspection reports to understand what the sector does well and to identify where our challenges lie. Our findings enable us to craft tools and resources that will help leaders and managers to develop and/or enhance practice, environments and provision for children. The pricing of our resources reflects our on-going commitment to supporting the sector.


Professional development on demand

One of our biggest challenges is continuing to grow the knowledge, skills and talents of our teams when funding is tight, recruitment is a nightmare and staffing levels fluctuate wildly from week-to-week (or day-to-day in some cases).

This part of VEYA is dedicated to pre-recorded training/CPD sessions which means that events can be accessed at a time and in a place that best suits the individual. We have also ensured that courses are affordable.

Over the next few months, the content will grow to reflect topics covered in our deep dives, but we also intend to provide opportunities for SENCOs, DSLs, experienced practitioners and those who are early on in their training.

Coming soon...